Activities 2014

January chairperson international conference 'Speak Truth to Power', at the request of Justitia et Pax Netherlands. About 60 participants from human rights defenders organisations come together in The Hague in a combined meeting from Justitia et Pax Netherlands and the Minsitry of Foreign Affairs in the Netherlands.
The results of this conference lead to a follow-up programme of training for human rights defenders that take place 4 times a year in The Hague. They also from major input to the programme of 'shelter cities' in which nine Dutch cities give hospitality  for several months to regain new energy in their work. This programme has in the meantime been introduced at the European level. 
April: publication of Encyclopedia of Toxicology, 3rd edition, including eight chapters from Eco Conseil director:
-EU Policy (558),
-Global Chemicals Policy (732),
-Globally Harmonized System for Classification and Labelling (741)
-Import and export of Hazardous Chemicals (821)
-High Production Volume Chemicals (908)
-International Forum on Chemical Safety (1065)
-International Organization for Management of Chemicals (1090)
-United Nations Environment Programme (878) 
Copies are available through Janvanderkolk@ecoconseil.nl
July-August: Bolivia, at the request ofPUM advice to ASOBAL, a small cooperative of gold producers in Roberalta in the upper Amazone area. Goal is to phase out the use of mercury in the gold mining from the river.  Contact with workers and directorate of ASOBAL, with the University of La paz and with an NGO experienced in alternatives in dry gold mining. 
Toigether with parties concerned alternatives have been developed that have to be tested for their practical feasibility. For this method of alluvial gold mining no standard methods are available as yet. .Voor deze wijze van goudwinning uit rivierslib (alluviale winning) zijn nog geen standaardmethoden beschikbaar. The current practices and the pollution of the river need replacement.
November-December: As representative of Kairos Palestine Netherlands visit to Bethlehem and area for the Coiference Life with Dignity in Bethlehem5 years after the launch of the Kairos Palestine document. A blog is published on the Kairos website. The Conference resulted in a declatarion on Life with Dignity. 
Stay with the Anastas family in yheir house at the wall, surounded on three sides by a 12 meter high wall.
Visit to music teaching in refugee camp Aida with Musicians without borders

Working group Refugees Council of Churches
   weekly visits to detained people in Rotterdam detention Centre
Working group Kairos Palestine Netherlands
till Sseptember: board New Dutch Connections