Activities 2007

Continuous: Advise to Oranjewoud on implementation of REACH

Continuous: participate for UNITAR in development of training material for GHS

February 2007 facilitate international expert meeting for Centre for Justice and Reconciliation (CJR) on 'Justice, Peace and Reconciliation' in Soesterberg, The Netherlands.

February 2007 training for UNITAR in Sao Tome e Principe for the development of action programmes in framework of the Stockholm Convention


March 2007 midterm review in Ghana for UNITAR for the implementation of action programmes in the framework of the Stockholm Convention

March-September support EPA Ghana in preparing a Full Size Project (FSP) for implementing the Stockholm Convention, dispose of PCBs from electric equipment, for the Global Environment Fund (GEF); missions to Ghana in March, May and June

March 2007 training in Togo for UNITAR for a feasibility programme for a Pollution Release and Transfer Register.

March 2007 training in Guinee for UNITAR for the implementation of the Rotterdam Convention

June 2007 mission to the Comoros for the finalisation of a national implementation plan for the Stockholm Convention

July 2007 Thematic Workshop Globally Harmonised Sysatem for Classification and Labelling of Chemicals in Geneva

October 2007 Participation in meeting of the FAO/WHO Panel of Experts on the Code of Conduct in the Distribution and Use of Pesticides on behalf of UNITAR

November 2007 Training workshops in Cabo Verde for the Stockholm Convention for UNEP and UNITAR