Biography Jan van der Kolk

Jan van der Kolk (1945) started his career in 1970 as a teacher of chemistry and physics in Douala, Cameroun.

He continued as a Dutch civil servant, first in the Ministry of Health (1974-1990) and next in the Ministry of the Environment (1990-2005), and covered broad areas of preventive health and of environmental issues

His last position until he retired in 2005 was that of deputy director of a major policy directorate with the Ministry of the Environment.

In his different positions he always had a strong international orientation, with the EU and intensive contacts with OECD, FAO, UNEP, UNITAR and WHO

He was very often chair of international meetings and advisor to countries and organisations

Besides his position with the Dutch civil service he was during a long period board member and chair of development organisations. During the years 1999-2005 he also was chair of the foundation Church and Society in The Netherlands.

Since October 2005 he is retired from the Dutch government and started his own consultancy, Eco Conseil, for advice and training activities, often related to implementation of international conventions and agreements. In this regard, he very often gives trainings in countries in the South, mostly in (Anglophone and Francophone) African countries, but also in Asia and the Caribbean. He also is an advisor to Dutch organisations in international subjects

He chaired in 2005 and 2006 a number of meetings and workshops of Dutch and European church related or development organisations with their partners in the South.

Jan van der Kolk is married and has three adult sons

He is knight in the order of Orange-Nassau