Activities 2015

march 2015, together with DocP and representatives of the Palestinian community in The Netherlands organise a visit of orthodox archbishop Atallah Hana from Jerusalem in the Palace Chruch in The Hague. 

April 2015 Stapelen Castle, Conference on non-violent means to promote just peace in Palestine and Israel, Leading to the Call of Stapelen contributions a.o of docP, an organisation docmenting activities of Israel in the Palestinian Occupied Territories. 




 2 April, Maundy Thursday , visit by the Council of Churches to detention centre Zeist. Meeting with directorate and pastorss.

7 July Visit to the bed-bad bread accomodation in Groningen,taken care of by the Inlia foundation



Working group Refugees Council of Churches 

  and weekly visits to detention centre Rotterdam

Working Group Kairos Palestine Netherlands

Foundation ABCD