Activities 2017

Ongoing activities:

Chair working group refugees Council of Churches Netherlands.

Board member of Kairos Palestine Netherlands, voice of Palestinian christians in churches and society in the Netherlands.

For Kairos Sabeel involved in the Palestinian Children coalition and the BDS coalition that includes Palestinians in actions for business.

For PUM advisor on CSR (corporate Social Responsibility) for the sectors 'energy and environment' and 'health and environment'.

March: for PUM involved on a project in Cochabamba, Bolivia, trying to find solutions for problems with heavily contaminated water in Laguna Alalay, a big lake close to the centre of the city of Cochabamba.

The lake suffers from a shortage of water and the available water is heavily contaminated especially with nutrients (nitrogen- and phosphorous compounds) . It has been advised to take measures for an increased influx of water and for simple techniques to purify the influx of contaminated water In addition some temporary measures have been recommended for relief at shorter notice.

Laguna Alalay

Test with a wetland for
removing nutrients

In June and August for PUM involved in a situation of poor water quality in parts of the Lagune at Knysna, Western Caope, South Africa. The water treatment plant of the growing city cannot adequately purify the waste water from the city. The lagoon, in which the effluent of the waste water treatment plant is flowing (foto) is of great importance Increased amounts of waste water from a growing population and increased tourism make the problems even more urgent. The lagoon in which the effluent flows is of great importance for biodiversity, nature and tourism.

The work had to be interrupted in June as a result of very heavy fires around and in the city, ultimately resulting of a burning coastline of 300 km and causing extensive damage.


Fire from hotel

Fire from the evacuation area


Burnt school next to hotel

In August the work has been resumed with advice on a better approach of the waste water treatment plant and changes to the location of the effluent's release into the lagoon and changes in the waste management. It has to be foreseen that in a few years time a more up-to-date waste water treatment plant has to be built, with adequate techniques and capacity for the next decades for the growing population and numbers of tourists.