Activities 2016

ongoing activities

chairperson working group Refugees Concil of Churches in The Netherlands

Member working group Kairos Sabeel Netherlands that resulted from a merger between Kairos Palestine Netherlands and Friends of Sabeel Netherlands, both aiming at giving a voice in church and society to Palestinian christians.

Advisor for PUM, Netherlands on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) for the sectors 'energy and environment' and 'health and environment'


Weekly visits to a detained person, Jean-Claude Iyamuremye, from Rwanda, who spent 40 month in preventive detention in a Dutch prison waiting for a potential extradition to Rwanda. The Rwandan authorities had asked for his extradition in order to bring him to court in view of anonimous and non-substantiated accusations of severe crimes. The extradition took place 12 november 2016, against the will of a parliamentary majority. He had been invited in 1999 by the Dutch government as a refugee . His wife and three childres have now been separated for good from their husband and father.